Bright Minds Academy's


  • Daily Classes


    Before your child begins to read, he is learning how letters and sounds work together to form words. Phonetic awareness and phonics are the first steps a child makes in their journey of learning to read and write. Our Phonics program provides a solid foundation of language concepts in a fun and exciting way that a child can build upon to become a lifelong reader and writer. As a result, over 90% of our children entering kindergarten become confident readers.


    We give children a solid foundation in early math literacy which is critical to their future academic success.  The children learn that mathematics is a building process that can be fun and exciting. They discover fun and interesting applications and hands-on activities like counting, sorting, shapes, and playing number games.

  • Elective Classes

    At a preschool level, we need to first lay down the foundations for children to think like a computer programmer. Children don’t even need a computer for our unplugged preschool coding activities. Coding for preschoolers is generally best to introduce through fun hands-on games and activities that make kids think like a computer programmer. ( Maze, Story Sequence, Puzzle, Building Blocks,etc)  So, activities that promote logical thinking, and have a problem to solve are a perfect choice. Children learn best when they are having fun. Through fun and engaging activities, they won’t even realize they are learning the skills needed to code